Sanctioned Events

The Natchez Tricentennial Commission encourages groups, organizations, and private enterprises to submit programs or activities to be included in the calendar of events for 2016.  In order to be endorsed as a “sanctioned Tricentennial event,” guidelines have been created with the purpose of ensuring all officially sanctioned events are related to and supportive of the Tricentennial mission.

Officially sanctioned events must be:

  • Racially, ethnically, and/or culturally diverse
  • Politically neutral
  • Appropriate to local Natchez customs
  • Readily marketable regionally, nationally, and/or internationally
  • Potential for legacy
  • Community service component
  • Financially capable of funding event and satisfying venue requirements
  • Well planned and organized

Applications are available on our website and through the Tricentennial office. Once the submission is reviewed by the NTC, the approved program, event, or activity will be included in the Tricentennial calendar and marketing campaign.