City Revitalization Projects

The City of Natchez is actively working to revitalize its surroundings to ensure a brighter future for Natchez through current legacy projects, as well as through the economic development opportunities Tricentennial celebrations present.

  • Natchez Bluffs revitalization, including restoration of the historic Yazoo & Mississippi Valley Railroad Depot, potentially including the construction of the railroad pavilion for a farmers’ market and development of community gardens.
  • Utility Clutter Cleanup led by Entergy Mississippi.
  • Constructing 100 safe and affordable homes on historic St. Catherine, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and Franklin Streets.
  • Completion of the Natchez Trails expansion to St. Catherine Street and the Forks of the Road historic site.
  • Revitalization of historic Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Street.
  • Partnering with the Natchez-Adams County School District and private schools to make Natchez’s history relevant and meaningful for students K-12.
  • Permanent commemorative marker(s) for 300th anniversary.