Celebrating 2016

Natchez has a rare and marvelous opportunity to take center stage—regionally, nationally, and internationally in 2016. Its prodigious history, heritage, and extraordinary people have a unique story to tell, and the programs, events, conferences, and celebrations being planned for 2016 creates a platform to share the story of Natchez and her people. The 2016 calendar will be filled with the following events:

Flagship Events

Flagship events are newly created events designed with the specific task to celebrate the culture and heritage of 300 years on the Mississippi.

City Revitalization Projects

The City of Natchez is actively working on many projects and improvements, creating a brighter future for Natchez.

Sanctioned Tricentennial Events

Sanctioned events will be created and produced by groups and organizations while being endorsed as official Tricentennial events.

Annual Events

Natchez has an extensive list of nationally recognized and award-winning festivals and events that will be bigger and better in 2016!

Conferences and Conventions

Major conferences and conventions are scheduled throughout the year to coincide with the 2016 celebrations.